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SISTA: Sister’s Informing Sisters on Topics about AIDS is a group-level, gender and culturally relevant intervention, is designed to increase condom use with African American women. Five peer-led group sessions are conducted that focus on ethnic and gender pride, HIV knowledge, and skills training around sexual risk reduction behaviors and decision making.

The intervention is based on Social Learning theory as well as the theory of Gender and Power. The SISTA project specifically targets sexually active African-American women.

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Nia is a six hour, two to four session, video-based, small group level intervention. The goals of this intervention are to educate African American men about HIV/AIDS and its effect on their community, bring groups of men together, increase motivation to reduce risks, and help men learn new skills to protect themselves and others by promoting condom use and increasing intentions to use condoms. Nia is based on the Information-Motivational-Behavioral Skills (IMB). The IMB model assumes that people need information, motivation, and behavioral skills to adopt preventive behaviors.

The target population for Nia is African American men (ages 18 and over) who have sex with women.

d-up: Defend Yourself! is a community-level intervention designed for and developed by Black men who have sex with men (MSM). d-up! is designed to promote social norms of condom use and assist Black MSM to recognize and handle risk related racial and sexual bias.

Safe in the City

Safe in the City (SITC) is a 23-minute HIV/STD prevention video for STD clinic waiting rooms. This video has been shown to be effective in reducing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among diverse groups of STD clinic patients. Safe in the City aims to increase condom use and other safer sex behaviors, and thereby reduce infections among patients who view the video in the clinic waiting room.

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CLEAR: Choosing Life: Empowerment! Action! Results! is an evidence-based, health promotion intervention for males and females ages 16 and older living with HIV/AIDS. CLEAR is a client-centered program delivered one-on-one using cognitive behavioral techniques to change behavior.

The intervention provides clients with the skills necessary to be able to make healthy choices for their lives.

VOICES: Video Opportunities for Innovative Condom Education & Safer Sex: A group-level, single-session video-based intervention designed to increase condom use among heterosexual African American and Latino men and women who visit STD clinics.

Keeping It Real is a seven-week faith-based sexuality education designed for teens to delay the onset of sexual activity. Developed by the Black Church Initiative of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Keeping it Real, facilitates dialogues and activities around sex and sexuality in both a biblical and secular context teaches participants how to make healthy responsible decisions

The Landscape of Our Spiritual Warfare: Ministering in the Face of HIV/AIDS is a comprehensive intervention, designed to reduce the stigma of HIV among African American ministers and church leaders. Landscape was developed by Nia Inc. through funding awarded by the Virginia Department of Health. Specifically designed for ministers and church lay leaders topics include: The Origins of HIV, local statistics, information on eliminating stigma in self and society, dialogue on three black church traditions and its relationship to the struggle against HIV/AIDS.