Mobilizing Churches


Program Background Information 

The church is the strongest, most influential institution within the black community. The most basic role of the church is to care for those who are sick, those who are lonely, and those who are in need. While much stigma has surrounded the topic of HIV/AIDS in the African-American community, the church should be a resource for its congregations providing a message of love, and education.  

Nia developed a faith-based toolkit with ideas and resources you can use to conduct activities to Eliminate the Stigma of HIV in African American communities. Program background information, faith-based resources, and other promotional and educational materials, as well as the activity ideas contained in this kit can help you formulate a plan for your own faith-based program.

Learn more about HIV and faith-based education programs sponsored by Nia. 

Activities Ideas

Consider these ideas to reduce the stigma of HIV or plan an educational event in your faith community. 

  • Distribute pamphlets and educational materials to your congregation;

  • Distribute red ribbons, to your congregation to wear during the worship service around World AIDS Day (December 1st) and National Week of Prayer for the Healing of AIDS (1st Sunday in March – 2nd Sunday in March);

  • Host The Landscape of Our Spiritual Warfare: Ministering in the Face of HIV/AIDS, an education program facilitated by Nia Inc. of Greater Richmond.  

  • Invite persons affected by HIV/AIDS to speak before the congregation about their experience for the purpose of educating and engaging others to take action in HIV prevention, treatment and compassionate care; 

  • Invite persons who have been involved with HIV/AIDS issues and services to worship with your congregations; 

  • Partner with your local Health Department or Nia Inc. of Greater Richmond to support the development and implementation of activities hosted by your congregation.

Faith-Based Resources

Other Resources